“We were looking from a different more dynamic relationship from a private equity investor and in Change Capital we got that with deep operational experience and a breadth of knowledge within our sector”

“Chemistry was important and we had that [with Change], it worked”

“Due diligence with Change Capital got to the nub of the issues and opportunities within the business...with this we were able to move forward and  execute a plan to yield the best returns possible”

“Change were investing in a management team and a business they believed in, they came at it from a personal perspective and had a deep understanding of what did and what didn’t make the business tick”

“Change Capital’s modus operandi is support, a fine balance between supporting and taking responsibility but also empowering a management team to execute.  They get that absolutely right”

“we had a common goal, a common understanding and a common respect for one another and together we achieved our goals”

“As a management team you have to perform due diligence on the PE House and having done that on a number of occasions I would choose Change Capital as a partner”

Tim Whitworth