Deep Operational Expertise

Change Capital Partners only invests where there is a shared operating insight with management as to how to unlock the potential of the business; specifically the targeted set of initiatives which will make the biggest impact and where the team has a particular ability to contribute.

Our two operational partners, Roger Holmes and Luc Vandevelde, are highly respected business leaders in consumer markets and worked across Europe with leading blue chip organisations including Kraft, Marks and Spencer, Carrefour and B&Q before joining forces at Change Capital Partners to support managers in step changing the development of middle market consumer companies.

Roger and Luc form the backbone of the team’s operational capabilities. They are closely involved from the initial contact through the due diligence process to identify the key levers to add value before recommending we proceed with an investment. Post investment, they work closely with management to share their experiences, challenge the status-quo and support the successful growth of the business. Importantly, the same team that works with management to agree the operational initiatives stays with the investment until we exit.

With the resources available at Change Capital Partners, and from our wider network of industry specialists, we look to work with management to develop insights into the biggest opportunities for the business and to ensure a solid platform for growth either organically or through acquisitions.

One of our key areas of expertise is the multi-channel development of retail operations, where we help brands and retailers engage consistently and effectively with their customers across all channels, including the internet. We implement the use of social and other digital media to effectively engage with end-customers to build brand awareness and value.

We provide experience, strategic direction and active support but do not run the businesses in which we invest. Our approach is driven by a desire to support managers in improving the way businesses work because we know this is the best way to achieve lasting results and maximise the benefits to all stakeholders in the business.

“Change Capital’s modus operandi is support, a fine balance between supporting and taking responsibility but also empowering a management team to execute.  They get that absolutely right”
Republic, Former CEO